China Ningbo Elegance Iinternational Trade CO.,LTD.

We are professional air cleaner,aircleaner,flashlight,headlamp,air-condition lover,cleaning sweetheart,clean matron,health conjuring box,natural enemy of formaldehyde,fitment dustman,king of filtering dust,led flashlight,mini flashlight,led headlamp,room purifier,automobile purifier, flashlight, headlamp, led headlamp, 12LED headlamp, 3LED headlamp, 5LED headlamp, 7LED headlamp, 8LED headlamp manufacturer and factory in China. We can produce flashlight, headlamp according to your requirements. More types of flashlight, headlamp wanted, please contact us right now!

flashlight, headlamp, air cleaner pictures

More flashlight, headlamp, air cleaner pictures, please visit

Air-Condition Lover

Clean Matron

Natural Enemy of Formaldehyde

flashlight ITEM NO.: F01-001A

flashlightITEM NO.: F21-002

led headlamp ITEM NO.: F45-001

More flashlight, headlamp, air cleaner pictures, please visit

Ningbo Elegance Electronics Co. Ltd.

Ningbo Elegance Electronics Co. Ltd is a new high –tech and environment friendly enterprise. We are a professional developer, producer and seller of nanometer photo catalysis air cleaner, LED rechargeable flashlight, headlamp and other electronic appliances.

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We have cooperated with Tsinghua University who supported us in terms of nanometer catalysis technology. Furthermore, we possess our own laboratories, and boast of trained technicians and experienced engineers engaged in developing new products. We operate in accordance with ISO2000 standard, and have obtained approval from CQC, CE, test of Chinese center for disease control and prevention, Tsinghua University, Ningbo Quality Supervision as well. We adopted advanced materials for our nanometer photo catalysis air cleaner, such as nanometer TiO2 catalysis, ultraviolet sterilization light. It have many advantages as needless substitution for filters, high efficient purge pollutants, low power, noiselessness. It can be applied in family, hospital, casino, restaurant, car, office and other closed room or air polluted place to eliminate and decompose dust, irritating odors, smoke and poisonous chemical elements: formaldehyde, benzol caused by home decoration.
At same time, our company has developed the third generation LED flashlight rechargeable by hand shaking. It is made up by imported electronic components and high luminance LED bulbs which can be lasted for fairly a long time without substitution. It’s the first choice for family, travel, driving, outdoor camping, emergent situations and so on.

We have been committing ourselves to designing elegant, safe, healthy and standard products and powered by customers’ demands. ‘Human oriented technology, green life ‘ is the end we are striving for.

Contact Us:
Sale Add: Rm.401.4/F.Huahong Int' |,
Bldg..717 Zhongxin Rd..Ningbo 315040 Zhejiang, China
Tel: +86-574-87855688/87855686/87855687
Fax: +86-574-87855611
Factory Add: Hengxi Industrial Zone, Ningbo, Zhejiang, China
Tel:+86-574-88069366 88063866
Fax: +86-574-88471111

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